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Amazon Hires Top GM Executive Alicia Boler Davis

Tech giant, Amazon has reportedly hired Alicia Boler Davis after working in General Motors for 25 years.

After GM revealed on Thursday that Davis would be leaving the auto giant to pursue other opportunities, a source familiar with the move reported that she would be joining Amazon. The tech company has, however, declined comment on the hiring of Davis.

Alicia Boler Davis serves as the head of GM’s global manufacturing operations and would be replaced by Gerald Johnson. While it is unclear what duties and responsibilities she will be handling at Amazon, many people have commended the tech company for hiring a black, female executive. Amazon has been called out in the past for having too many white, male executives.

Since Amazon has expanded its range of business over the years from e-commerce to cloud computing, many are speculating that it wants to venture into autonomous vehicles. If this is the case, Alicia Boler Davis will be an asset to the company considering her wealth of experience in the automobile industry.

Amazon recently announced that it was investing in Rivan, a young automotive tech firm who launched an electric pickup truck and an electric SUV last year. It also made huge investments in Aurora, an autonomous driving tech firm established by former Tesla, Google, and Uber executives.

Additionally, Amazon has invested heavily in logistics to help speed up delivery time. Apart from having its own fleet of aircraft and vehicles, Amazon has also tested drone deliveries as part of its effort to lower the cost of “last mile” transport.

Davis and one other executive are leaving General Motors after the company initiated a restructuring effort to save cost. Davis was said to have a good working relationship with Mary Barra, the Chief executive of General Motors. It, however, seems like the decision to leave General Motors may have been Davis’ considering the fact that Amazon had hired her even before  GM’s Thursday announcement. The news about Davis joining Amazon was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

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