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Sprint to Launch its 5G Network in Selected US Cities

Sprint has revealed that it will be launching its 5G network in some US cities this May.

The company’s executives said, on Monday, that its 5G network will initially go live in selected cities across the US including Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Kansas City. They, however, added that Sprint is working towards launching its 5G service in Los Angeles, Washington, Houston, Phoenix, and New York City before the end of the first half of 2019.

Sprint’s next-generation wireless network is the second 5G service in the US, coming after AT&T. The later began operations on Dec. 21, 2018, in 12 US cities and it started with a mobile hot spot. The company is yet to launch a 5G enabled phone.

Sprint, however, announced on Sunday that it is working with LG to release its first ever 5G phone, the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. Although the date of release and pricing was not announced, customers are expecting the company to launch the device around the same time that its network will go live in the US. Sprint also said that it will be carrying Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G this year.

Apart from announcing cities where it will launch its 5G network, Sprint unveiled the HTC 5G Hub, a new device from HTC. The 5G Hub is designed to function as a mobile hotspot, allowing about 20 devices to connect to Sprint’s 5G network at the same time. The device is an alternative to home broadband.

Since the 5G network offers faster speed and lower latency, Sprint customers can use the 5G Hub to stream 4K content to a TV and play games online.

Officials of Sprint declined comments on the price of the 5G plans as well as how it will be sold to consumers. The company’s chief executive Michel Combes told reporters that everything that the public needs to know about the 5G service will be disclosed during the launch in May.

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