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UN Ambassador Nomination: Trump Replaces Heather Nauert With Kelly Knight Craft

The president has nominated Kelly Knight Craft as United States ambassador to the UN after Heather Nauert withdrew her candidacy.

President Trump announced, on Friday evening, that the current United States ambassador to Canada, Kelly Knight Craft is his new candidate for the position of UN Ambassador. The announcement came days after his first choice for the position, Heather Nauert voluntarily withdrew her candidacy.

Describing the new ambassadorial nominee, Trump said, on Twitter, that Mrs. Craft did an outstanding job representing the United States as ambassador to Canada. He added that he had no doubt in her leadership skills and he is confident that she will represent the country well at the highest level.

Kelly Knight Craft is to succeed Nikki Haley who resigned as UN Ambassador in October 2018. Haley, a former governor of South Carolina, was United States ambassador to the UN from January 2017 to December 2018. Since her resignation, Jonathan Cohen has been serving as acting UN ambassador.

Mrs.Craft was reportedly recommended for the UN job by Kentucky senator and Republican majority leader, Mitch McConnell. Kelly Knight Craft is the wife of Kentucky’s billionaire coal magnate, Joseph Craft. The business mogul, who donated over $2 million to Trump’s campaign and inauguration, served alongside his wife on the finance committee for the president’s inaugural. Senator McConnell described the nomination of Mrs.Craft as an “exceptional choice.”

Kelly Knight, who would be turning 57 on Sunday, is a native of Kentucky and is expected to be the 30th United States ambassador to the U.N. She was known in her state as a fundraiser for Republican candidates and officeholders. She is assuming the position of UN ambassador at a time when many of America’s allies and adversaries are becoming unsure of the nation’s commitment to large multilateral institutions.

Under President George W. Bush’s administration, Kelly Knight served at the United Nations as an alternate delegate to the world organization. The Secretary of the state, Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John R. Bolton have supported Trump’s choice of UN ambassador, stating that Mrs.Craft is qualified for the job.


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