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American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Sues Trump Over Border Wall Creation Orders

The constitutionality of Trump’s declaration of national emergency to build a US-Mexico border wall has been challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union.

A lawsuit has been filed against Trump by the American Civil Liberties Union following his declaration of national emergency. The union is challenging the constitutionality of the declaration of national emergency which the president did to get more funds for his border wall project.

The order by the President has already created a battle between the lawmakers and the White House. This isn’t the first lawsuit the president is getting and it isn’t going to be the last. They have been four lawsuits so far that challenge the president’s authority and reasons for declaring an emergency. Part of the lawsuit states:

“The declaration of a national emergency by the president was made solely because he had a disagreement with Congress regarding the funding level, timetable, and location of the border wall. In fact, there was no national emergency to justify his actions. There was a disagreement about the pace and extent of spending on the border wall.”

On Friday, Mr. Trump declared a national emergency shortly after the lawmakers sent him a funding bill of $1.375 billion for the wall. This was not even up to half of the $5.7 billion Trump requested initially. Officials in the White House say that they can get about $6.6 billion through this declaration of national emergency and some other budget maneuvers. This would allow them to stretch the wall out for at least 234 miles.

The American Civil Liberties isn’t alone in this fight. The union is representing the Southern Border Communities Coalition and the Sierra Club in the lawsuit. The suit was filed in the northern district of California. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will oversee the appeal. Trump had previously predicted that those who are against him would file litigations in that district and that the appeal court will rule against him.


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