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New Deal to Avert Shutdown is Not What Trump Expected

Updates from the Trumps funding deal with Capitol Hill shows that Trump is expected to sign a bipartisan agreement to ensure the government doesn’t shut down again.

The lawmakers reached an agreement “in principle” on Monday night to fully fund the US government and avoid another shutdown. The deal includes $1.375 billion for border wall funding for physical barriers—not a concrete wall—that would cover roughly 55 miles.

President Trump, who was seeking $5.7 billion, expressed his disappointment in a tweet, saying that he wasn’t happy with the deal. Republican Senator John Cornyn said, “He is not ecstatic over the deal, but he is reviewing his options.” He added, “He didn’t make any declarative statements about what his intentions are but obviously it’s a compromise, and with compromises, everybody’s a little bit unhappy.” Later that Tuesday, the president said, via Twitter, that border security would be availed using about $23 billion in funding from other sources.

Meanwhile, Senate leaders are optimistic about the bipartisan deal. Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell says he looks forward to reviewing the full text as soon as possible and hopes the Senate can act on this legislation in short order. He said, “I believe I speak for all members when I say that we are grateful to all our colleagues on the Appropriations Committee for their dedicated leadership and are very eager to see them complete this good work.”
Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer urged the president to sign the agreement stating that they must not have a rerun of what happened in the last month of 2018.

Despite the current optimism, lawmakers are still racing against the clock to produce a deal that can be passed into law before midnight on Friday when funding for parts of the federal government would expire.

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