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Tech Giant Amazon Reveals Plans to Acquire Home Improvement Company, Eero

Amazon has said that it is buying Eero, the developer of mesh home routers.

Amazon said, on Monday, that its acquisition of Eero will help enhance the user experience for its customers. Amazon’s Echo smart speaker which is powered by Alexa will become easier to set up when the company has control of the router technology. The acquisition “will allow customers to connect smart home devices more efficiently,” Amazon stated.

Speaking on what they thought of Eero, Amazon’s Senior vice president of devices, Dave Limp, said that they were thrilled with the Eero team and how quickly there were able to create a WiFi solution that is efficient. “It is our belief that the smart home experience can become better and we are committed to pleasing our customers with our cutting-edge innovations,” Limp said in a statement.

Eero is a big name in the home router market, competing with Google and other router developing companies. It was founded by Nick Weaver, Nate Hardison and Amos Schallich in 2014. The Wi-Fi startup company is based in San Francisco and in 2015, it sold products worth $2.5 million in its first two weeks of accepting pre-orders.

Their “smart” mesh router was designed to minimize coverage issues and reach zones that traditional routers could not. To provide a strong Wi-Fi signal in an apartment, Eero uses multiple access points to blanket the entire home. Many electronic companies that have their own mesh bundles have mirrored Eero’s design in their products.

According to a report, the Eero brand may continue to exist even after acquisition. The CEO of the company, Nick Weaver revealed that they are happy to be joining the Amazon family.

For them, the acquisition provides an opportunity to learn new things and work closely with a creative and smart team. It will also allow them to get access to a larger market.

Amazon is yet to disclose the financial terms of Eero’s acquisition. The deal comes after the tech company acquired a video doorbell company, Ring, for $1 billion.

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