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LinkedIn Set to Release its Own Live Video Tool

LinkedIn has announced that it will be launching its video live streaming service LinkedIn Live sometime this week.

LinkedIn Live will allow users and companies to send real-time videos to specific groups. With the tool, influencers, companies, and mentors can broadcast events, advice from experts, conferences and news interviews.

In a press release from the company, the LinkedIn Live feature will come out in a beta version first. For now, it will be based on invite-only. The company did not disclose when or if it will make the new video tool available for all LinkedIn users. After the release of LinkedIn Live, interested LinkedIn users who were not invited can try out the tool by submitting an application form.

Since its creation, LinkedIn has provided an impeccable career networking platform for its 562 million users. LinkedIn has partnered with Telestream Wirecast, Socialive, Switcher Studio, Brandlive and Wowza to ensure the optimal performance of LinkedIn Live. The video live-streaming tool will give users multiple ways to broadcast real-world events via desktop and mobile apps.

Since the LinkedIn Live service is only available to a few US users, some tech analysts have suggested that the company intends to monitor the content streamed on the service. A report by TechCrunch reveals that Microsoft’s Azure cloud media product will handle and oversee the encoding services for LinkedIn Live.

Over 8 years ago, YouTube introduced its live-streaming service and in 2015, Twitter acquired Periscope to begin providing live-streaming service to its users. The following year, Facebook announced the release of its own live streaming service and it was made available to Facebook users all over the world. While it is true that LinkedIn may have gotten into the streaming game late, experts are confident that LinkedIn will do just fine because of their unique position in the social networking world.

LinkedIn is working hard to keep up with the latest features on social media platforms. The company recently began trying out its own version of Snapchat’s Stories.

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016, for more than $26 billion. The social network has since catered to the needs of different business professionals. Adding the live streaming is its latest effort to boost interactivity.

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