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Lawyer to CEO of National Enquirer Refutes Jeff Bezos Blackmail Claims

An attorney for the Chief Executive of AMI has denied that the National Enquirer tried to blackmail or extort Amazon’s CEO.

Elkanan Abromowitz, who is representing David Pecker, the chief executive of American Media Inc, said, on Sunday, that his client is not guilty of the allegations levelled against him by Jeff Bezos. According to Abromowitz, a “reliable source” who knows Bezos and his mistress well told the tabloid about their extramarital affair.

Bezos, who is also the owner of the Washington Post, said, in his blog post, that AMI threatened to release explicit photos of him and his mistress, former TV anchor, Lauren Sanchez if he did not stop investigating how the tabloid got access to his private chats with his mistress. The Amazon CEO, who had earlier insinuated that the Enquirer’s coverage of him was politically motivated said that the AMI wanted him to retract his statement.

Since the world’s richest man made his claims against the Enquirer, Federal prosecutors have been investigating the case to know if the tabloid went against a corporation and non-prosecution agreement that saved them from facing charges recently. The tabloid was accused of paying hush money to a model who revealed that she had an affair with Trump.

Abramowitz said, in an interview with ABC, that they were not worried that the Bezos’s case would jeopardize the non-cooperation agreement. The AMI attorney said that tabloid’s way of handling the Bezos matter was part of a standard legal negotiation.

“I think that both parties were interested in resolving their differences. It is not a crime to tell someone who has falsely accused you, to tell the truth. Tell the public whom you misinformed that this was not politically motivated and there will be no more stories of you and your mistress on our tabloid,” Abramowitz said.

When asked if Michael Sanchez, brother to Bezos’s mistress is the Enquirer’s source, Abramowitz said that Bezos and his mistress knew who the source was. Michael Sanchez is Lauren’s manager and a supporter of Trump. If the accusations are true, it may put the National Enquirer out of business for good.


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