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Matthew Whitaker Insists That He Has Not Meddled In The Ongoing Russia Investigation

The acting attorney general of the US has told Congress that he has, in no way, interfered in Russia’s inquiry.

The US acting attorney general, who was invited to a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee met on Friday, told Congress that since his appointment by Trump, he has not meddled in any way with the investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 elections.

He testified that he had not given out any inside information about the investigation to President Trump, his attorneys or his aides. “I am certain that I have not briefed any third party individuals about Russia’s investigations. I receive the briefings myself and I am often the endpoint of the information,” he said.

Despite Whitaker’s testimony, Democrats believe that Mr. Whitaker is a loyalist of Trump. In fact, they suggest that his appointment as acting attorney general was part of Trump’s plans to suppress the investigation.

The Democrats asked Mr. Whitaker to tell the house why he had previously criticized the work of Robert Mueller and why he said that the special counsel inquiry would soon end. When the acting attorney general failed to provide satisfactory answers to the questions as well as details of his conversations with Trump, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries confronted him. “We’re all trying to understand who you are, where you come from and how you became the head of the U.S Department of Justice,” Jeffries said. When Whitaker tried to speak, Jeffries interrupted him saying, “that wasn’t a question, it was a statement. I would like to believe you know the difference.”

The Democrats also asked about Whitaker’s past business dealings and provided documents that showed that the acting attorney general did not return thousands of dollars that were meant for victims of a company’s alleged fraud.

For Republicans, however, the hearing of the house was pointless especially as Whitaker may be replaced in less than a week by William Barr. Instead of asking about Mueller’s inquiry, they respected Whitaker’s wish and asked about other topics.

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