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FaceTime Returns as Apple Releases its Promised Software Update

Tech giant, Apple has fulfilled its promise to release a software update to fix the face time bug.

The update for iPhones and iPads was released on Thursday and like all other iOS updates, it is free to download. According to the company, the new iOS 12.1.4 will help to fix the Group FaceTime bug which was brought to their attention last week.

On January 28, Grant Thompson, a 14-year-old boy, discovered a Group FaceTime bug that allows people to eavesdrop on conversations even when they did not answer a call. The teenager reported that while playing “Fortnite” with friends on his iPhone, he was hearing someone who didn’t pick up when he called.

Grant Thompson told his mother who is an Arizona attorney about his discovery and she notified Apple about the bug. The company deactivated the Group FaceTime feature on its servers and said it will release the fix before the end of the week. On the first day of February, however, the company said it would need more time to complete the software update promising to release it this week.

Apple users have always been guaranteed excellent user privacy protection. But with the recent discovery of the Group FaceTime bug, Apple may need some time to instill that confidence that their customers once had in them.

Apple has thanked the Thompson family for notifying them about the bug. Michele Thompson said that a representative of the company met with her and her son last week and gave them updates on their ongoing investigation. She said that the tech company sought their opinion on how their reporting process can become better. Apple promised to compensate the family for discovering the bug and they may also contribute towards Grant’s education.

The software update which is now available on iPhones and iPad can be downloaded by going to the Settings app, clicking on “General” and then “Software Update.”


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