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Amazon’s CEO Accuses National Enquirer Owner of Trying to Blackmail him

Jeff Bezos has reported that the owner of the National Enquirer has threatened to publish lewd photos that Bezos sent to his mistress if he fails to do their biddings.

The world’s richest man has called out the owner of the National Enquirer for trying to blackmail him and forcing him to speak against his wish. According to a blog post, Bezos was told that his lewd photos will be published if he did not publicly state that the report published about him on the tabloid was not politically influenced.

Shortly after Bezos and his wife announced that they were divorcing, the National Enquirer, which is owned by American Media Inc (AMI), bragged about publishing intimate text messages between the Amazon CEO and his alleged mistress, Lauren Sanchez.

With the help of public safety expert, Gavin de Becker, Jeff Bezos opened an investigation into the leak. De Becker later told the media that the report by the tabloid publisher was politically motivated.

The owner of the National Enquirer threatened to release intimate photos of Bezos if he did counter de Becker’s statement and tell the public that the reports had nothing to do politics.
The Number 1 tabloid publisher in the US is rumored to have close ties with Donald Trump who has always expressed dislike for Bezos on Twitter.

“While I do not want my private photos published, I also do not want to be involved in their well-known practice of blackmail, corruption, political attacks, and political favors,” Bezos said.

In his blog post, Bezos reproduced an email sent to de Becker’s lawyer by AMI deputy general counsel, Jon Fine, proposing that Bezos and de Becker publicly acknowledge that they had no basis for suggesting that the report by National Enquirer was influenced by powerful political forces. The parent company of the National Enquirer said that they would cease from publishing, sharing or distributing intimate texts and photos of Bezos if he and de Becker made the acknowledgment.

Bezos who has described the AMI proposal as an extortionate one, says he will stand up to AMI.


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