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Republicans Resist Trump’s Threat to Declare National Emergency Limiting his Border Wall Options

Republicans Resist Trump’s Threat to Declare National Emergency Limiting his Border Wall Options

Republicans reject Trump’s plans to declare a national emergency for border wall building leaving the president with fewer options.

Trump isn’t ready to back down on his plans to build a border wall and increase security around the border. Early last month, he talked about declaring a national emergency to build the wall if he runs out of options. He repeated his plans again towards the end of the month.

Today, however, during the State Union speech, it became clear that Trump’s plans to circumvent Congress will divide his own party. It has become increasingly difficult for the president to convince the public of the necessity of his plans. So far, a lot of damage has already been inflicted on his party. Media outlets, last week, reported that Senator Mitch McConnell warned Trump about his fall back plan to tell him that taking that action will create division within his party. This may lead to a vote to overrule him.

The Senate and the house of representatives are considering the bipartisan agreement that will allow them to fund the government with or without the support of the president. Keep in mind that Trump’s strong supporters have been trying to promote unity. His advisers said that his Union address is going to be about unity. However, Trump reportedly had a disagreement with Democrats right before he made his address.

While he still doubled down on the border wall project during his speech, he was able to excite everyone in the room when he made a comment about women. Trump commended the fact that there has been an increase in the number of women in the workforce including Congress. This statement was the first to ignite a standing ovation by everyone in the building. Even Nancy Pelosi, one of the fiercest rivals of Trump stood up and urged other Democrats to do the same.

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