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Tech Company Verily may be Developing Smart Shoes for Weight Tracking

Verily, a tech company that is often referred to as Google’s sister company, is working on something for the weight management industry.

The tech giant, Verily reportedly put together a prototype for smart shoes. These smart shoes will help monitor the movements of the wearer helping them track weight loss and gain. The sciences arm of Alphabet life, has been searching for partner companies that will help bring it closer to its goal. This is according to a source familiar with the matter.

During a private meeting, the company allegedly displayed the design of the shoes to attract partners who will be able to make the shoes and market them. The smart shoes have sensors that will monitor the wearer’s activity levels. It would be used to identify something like sudden weight gain that may be caused by congestive heart failure. For now, it’s not clear if the shoes will ever enter the market as the company hasn’t made any public report about introducing it.

Before 2015, Verily was known as Google Life Sciences until it was renamed by Alphabet. The company has a team of chemists, doctors, technologists, and engineers who work on the promotion of good health. They are dedicated to doing what they can to prevent diseases.

Focused on health, the tech company was the first to develop a smart spoon, Liftware. The spoon can help people who suffer hand tremors or have limited arm mobility eat without assistance from others. The company is also working on smart contact lenses. These lenses can help with farsightedness in senior citizens. A while ago, the company was working on a project to put tiny sensors on contacts that will help measure blood sugar levels of the wearer. However, they pulled the plug on the project shortly after they started.


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