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Brands Become More Discreet in Super Bowl Commercials

The just concluded Super Bowl Commercials have shown that brands who advertised for the event aimed to please fans.

Unlike 2017 when politically motivated adverts stole the show, advertisers of this year’s Super Bowl made conscious efforts to play safe and please their fans. The brands spent millions of dollars to get the opportunity to reach consumers and persuade them to buy their products. The audience was thrilled with comic and heartwarming ads.

Interestingly, many of the adverts centered on women and many have described this as a welcome development. Other adverts inspired hope for the future as well as nostalgia for the ’90s.  Many of the brands featured celebrities in their adverts and Cameos did a great job at entertaining the audience. They featured Backstreet Boys, Jason Bateman, Cardi B, and Serena Williams.

Charles R. Taylor, a marketing professor, opined that advertisers wanted to play it safe this year. “We haven’t seen any advert with a political undertone,” he said.

The head of DDB Worldwide, Wendy Clark, has also spoken on this year’s Super Bowl commercials. “I think some of these adverts are just fine but they don’t look to me like Super Bowl ads. Perhaps some of these brands forgot that they are advertising for Super Bowl,” she said.

The idea of using women for many of this year’s commercials is probably the most commendable feature of the ads. “Although most of the ads had male characters, there was an impressive number of female lead adverts and this is more than we have ever seen,” Professor Taylor said.

This year, many brands deliberately avoided adverts that may appear controversial and the use of women seemed to have helped them accomplish their mission. In 2017, Airbnb and 84 Lumber created an ad that people believed was a response to Trump’s view on immigration. The following year, Ram trucks were criticized for using a sermon by Martin Luther King Jr. for its ad. The timing was wrong as NFL players were, at that time, drawing the attention of the public to racial oppression and discrimination as well as police brutality against African Americans.

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