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Tech Company, Lowe’s, Is Shutting Down Irish Smart Home Platform In March

An American tech company can no longer afford to carry on with its Irish smart home platform as part of its home improvement project.

The American tech company, Lowe’s, has pulled the plug on its Irish smart home project. The retail chain that is focused on home improvement has announced that it would be shutting down its Irish operations in March 31st, 2019. The company had advised all its Irish users not to take their products back to the store when they notice that they are no longer functioning. According to the announcement, the company will give back some money to help users migrate to any other smart home platform. It would be in form of prepaid Visa cards.

The company is referring to the money back as a redemption process rather than a refund. So, how much money each individual will get is uncertain at this time. The company didn’t reveal if there are special terms attached to using the card that presents any limitations. The money from the redemption process may exceed the money for a refund. Those who have been using the product for just three months can opt for the regular refund process.

Since many of Lowe’s products are also compatible with the Samsung SmartThings, users can migrate to that platform instead. SmartThings has agreed to help Lowe’s customers as they transition. Some products use standard protocols like Z-wave and Zigbee so they can work with other platforms even if users don’t want to migrate to SmartThings.

The fact that the company is shutting down its cloud service after selling an entire line of products to users is discouraging. However, it is not surprising because the smart home market is still relatively new and unsettled. Users have complained about compatibility issues with their products in the past.

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