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American Based Company, Uber Contributed To Creating 2.2 Million Jobs In India

Amitabh Kanth revealed that cab services Uber and Ola added an additional 2.2 million jobs as the government prepares to release an employment report in March 2019

Following a survey about unemployment in the in India that was conducted by the National Sample Survey Office, there has been furor about the significant increase in unemployment rates. In reply, the CEO of NITI Aayog, Amitabh Kanth, said that jobs are being created and that the government is going to release its employment report by March 2019. This was during a press meet.

According to Kanth, the method used to determine unemployment now is different from what was used earlier but this doesn’t mean either one is wrong. In his words:

“You shouldn’t compare data from 2011/2012 to data that is being collected now since the surveys are conducted one in every five years. Saying that the unemployment rate has increased is incorrect because the methods used to collect and analyze data has changed a lot since then.”

Kanth says that NITI Aayog is compiling employment report in March and would releasing a new one every three months. When he was addressing the issue of job creation, Kenth noted that can businesses like American-based company, Uber and Ola have been so successful that they have created more than 2.2 million jobs. He continued:

“It is important to evaluate the results on a quarterly basis and compare one quarter with the other. This will help us know what has changed and what has remained the same during the period. This is what we are saying.”

About Uber
While Ola is an Indian-based company, Uber is an American-based transportation company that has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. The cab service provider operates in more than 785 metropolitan locations globally. The company’s business has become the choice for people looking for jobs.

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